What Services do Bookkeepers Offer?

Before hiring a bookkeeper, you need to ask yourself what services do bookkeepers offer? You will realize that the function of a bookkeeper is not only to record your revenues and expenses. Bookkeepers ensure that the business attains success because they monitor the financial strength and power of the entity in the industry.

Online Bookkeeping Services

You can contact bookkeeping services from individuals and entities that offer bookkeeping services online. Online bookkeeping services work the same way a bookkeeper would from your office. The online bookkeeper, also referred to as a virtual bookkeeper, manages the company’s books of accounts from a remote place. The company owners give the bookkeeper access to the company’s accounting software and financial statements.

Online bookkeepers work with accounting tools such as Xero. The good thing is that if you have not set up a bookkeeping software for your company, the bookkeeper will assess your company and build a customized Xero profile that suits your business. Virtual bookkeepers can also monitor how your business is performing in the industry and give you advice on the best ways to invest your money.

Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses

For small businesses, the bookkeeper ensures that all the books of accounts are up to date. He or she records all the expenditures and incomes to ensures that the entity complies with the laws, prepares you for tax, and does stocktaking. The bookkeeper also does the payroll and prepares financial statements for the business.

In short, it is the work of the bookkeeper to keep an eye on the cash flows. Because this work can get overwhelming, you need proper bookkeeping software like Xero. Even if you do not have any bookkeeping knowledge, the bookkeeper trains you so that you can understand how you will interact with the platform. One of the vital bookkeeping services offered is to ensure that the entrepreneur understands the online platform.

Xero Bookkeeping Services

Xero bookkeeping services involve the use of accounting software to manage your business books of accounts. When you engage the services of an online bookkeeper like Accountsly, they will analyze your business in detail then carry out a customized Xero implementation plan.

If you already have a bookkeeping software, they set up a migration plan to ensure your records remain intact as your business migrate to Xero.

The bookkeeping software ensures that your business expenditures and incomes are all up to date and carry out the bank reconciliation needed. Being that Xero synchronizes the information with all top banks, it is easier to categorize and balance your books online. And at the end of the year, you can access your Xero file and make adjustments where necessary to ensure that the business has a perfect tax platform.


Some business owners may not be ready to outsource a bookkeeper but still want the benefits of bookkeeping. A bookkeeping software such as Xero could be so useful to such entrepreneurs. If well set, the software carries out all the functions of managing the books of accounts for the company, and the owners have time to focus on other areas of decision making.