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Siddharth Arora

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Siddharth is a Chartered Accountant who worked in commercial accounting roles and as an auditor and as a financial advisor. He has worked previously in the Big 4 and has worked for various clients across the globe. Siddharth has worked for more than 30 countries and also helped many businesses from small to big corporate groups in many financial decisions in order to help the business better manage their business, save tax, increase cashflows  & productivity by helping them understand the numbers and thereby, helping them make the right decisions.

Ashu is the Director of Accountsly , and loves working with cloud technologies.  Ashu is a Registered Tax Agent, Chartered Accountant, and a Certified Xero & Quickbooks Consultant. Ashu  has worked in Big 4 accounting firms for more than 4 years and has worked for big MNC’s like BBC and Vodafone as a Statutory Auditor , and now specializes in putting time back in the day for small to medium business. Ashu has more than ten years experience working with clients implementing and advising on accounting systems. She is passionate about helping you find the right eCommerce tech stack. Ashu is fluent in two languages – English and eCommerce.

Ashu Arora

Partner & Director of Accountsly

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