7 Top Reasons for Using Xero Accounting Software

Are you thinking of subscribing to the best small business accounting software in Australia and beyond? Think no further than Xero online accounting services because this award-winning software is currently the major player in accounting and Bookkeeping. It beats all its rivals by miles in all aspects. Below are the 7 top reasons for using Xero accounting software.

1. Multi-User Access

With Zero accounting software, you do not need to meet at a central place to present your accounting reports to various stakeholders. All you can do is add them to the platform and access the information from the devices wherever they are. The method is safe because, as the business owner, you have the authority to add and remove these users. Only the people you give access to the platform can see the reports.

2. Multi-Device Access

Another important reason you should pick Xero online accounting services over any other platform is its flexibility. You can use it over multiple devices across multiple locations. Whether you want to operate from your Windows PC or Mobile device, Xero is always with you.

This way, you can always track your business performance from any location at any time. You only need to download the software compatible with your operating system, input the access codes and are ready to go.

3. Online Invoicing

With Xero accounting services, you will always be sure of paid and unpaid bills. You have the entire invoice online, making it quick and easy to confirm whether a client has arrears or not. If the client is not so sure of their payment, you can always share a soft copy of the same online.

Another advantage of online invoicing is that you can always see when the client opens the document. They can also pay their bill online through the invoice.

4. Real-Time Automatic Bank Reconciliations

Your Xero accounting software synchronizes with all your bank details and transactions. The software performs automatic entries of every payment and expenditure you make. It automatically balances and reconciles the transactions. This gives you detailed reports about your account performances.

5. Safe and Organized Storage of Financial Data

Xero online accounting software uses cloud-based storage space to keep your data safe and easily accessible. The platform is well controlled. Everything is under encryption, with only authorized personnel allowed to access your information.

It allows your Xero accountant to keep records, invoices, receipts, and other documents safely. This allows for proper and real-time access whenever you want to refer to something or when auditors need proof of payment of expenses.

6. Live Bank Feeds

Xero online accounting software will notify you whenever there is a fresh withdrawal or deposit to your bank account. This is crucial because you need to know the amount of money your business account holds as a small business owner.

7. Easy and Quick Integration

The Xero accounting software easily integrates with over 700 business-related applications. So, once you subscribe to it, you can always connect the software to the respective app you already have.