05 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Bookkeeper or Accountant

You do not know whether to hire and not hire a bookkeeper or accountant. The decision is even more challenging if you do not understand the concept of accounting at all. When caught up in such a situation, the following questions will help you.

What is the Nature of Bookkeeping Works?

Here, you must understand the services your bookkeeping candidates offer. It will also depend on your bookkeeping skills and the scope of work you assign to your accountant.

Answering the question, how do I do bookkeeping in my business’ will be very instrumental here. Before hiring a bookkeeper, you need to determine their roles. Outline whether they are coming in as management accountants or data entry specialist.

The best way to develop the work concept scope is to analyze all the department’s facets. They include reconciliations, filing sales tax, budgeting, among others. With that, you will know where you have more than you can handle and need assistance.

What Services Do Bookkeepers Offer, and what are the Qualifications?

Some bookkeepers specialize in specific tasks, while some are generalists. Before you hire one, you need to determine your organizations’ particular needs. Also, assess the candidates on their ability to handle the workloads.

Most qualified bookkeepers in the industry have diplomas and degrees. They can be Certified Public Accountants or affiliates to other top accounting bodies.

Depending on the tasks at hand, you will evaluate them depending on their credentials. For example, all BAS agents in Australia need to register with the Tax Practitioners Board before they can lodge into your BAS.

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How Does Online Bookkeeping Work?

Understanding the online bookkeeping aspect comes in handy in two sections. The first part is when you do not want a permanent bookkeeper working from your premises. The second part is when you want to use accounting software to keep things running.

There are several resources that you can help you get the fundamental concepts before you make a decision.  Online sources like the Xero pricing for bookkeepers will help you understand the prices involved.

How Does Bookkeeping Help a Business?

Hiring a bookkeeper or accountant is like bringing in a new resource or machine. You must understand why you are hiring and how they will fit into your business.  You do not want to hire an accountant for the sake of it.

Bookkeepers and accountants have a massive role in the day to day running of businesses. From lodging taxes, data entry to analyzing financial data, they do it all. Therefore before making their role will be helpful to your business or not.

The bookkeeper’s role and relevance will also depend on whether they are familiar with your industry or not. You can first interview them and ask for their experience in similar positions. Alternatively, you can visit a business consultant to help. They will advise whether a bookkeeper or accountant will add value to your business.

What is the Expectation in Terms of Deadline and Response Time?

You would want to know about the deadlines and schedule expectations for deliveries. It should align with your weekly or monthly expectations.

A good example comes when you want to deal with online freelancers. They dwell in remote territories with unique working hours. So, before you bring them on board, get them acquainted with your expectation on timelines.